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Planning a Baby Shower on a Budget

Posted by The Candy Bar Wrapper on

Planning a Baby Shower on a budget or without spending a lot of money Is it possible?

Over time, baby showers have become very popular. The illusion of the imminent arrival of a baby is something worth celebrating in style and the perfect excuse to organize a party with the dear friends and family of the future mother.

Many people believe that to have a perfect baby shower, you must spend a lot. The secret is to take a little time to organize it well, take care of the details, and be creative.

You should bear in mind that to plan a baby shower, it takes some time. Usually, the baby shower takes place one or two months before the baby is born.

Here are some tips to help you:

1. Choose the meeting place: It is not necessary to rent a place or reserve a restaurant to celebrate a baby shower. You will save a lot of money celebrating it at home (or at the home of a trusted friend or family member if you don't have enough space in yours). You can also hold the baby shower in a public place, or outdoors in a park.

2. Choose the right time: The time you choose for a baby shower will affect your budget. If you are not able to offer a meal for the guests, organize your party in the early afternoon (after lunch). Doing so will allow you to provide simple snacks like fruits and vegetables.

3. It is not necessary to hire a catering service: You can prepare appetizers based on sandwiches, fruits, cheeses, cold meats, and cookies. As for the drinks, soft drinks, water, and punch are all excellent choices. Cold cuts, a cheese board, hot or cold buffets can be provided; it does not have to be anything overboard since the idea is to get together to share and celebrate.

4. Decorations: Only buy what is necessary. Sometimes it is enough to place some pastel paper garlands, balloons, and flowers in strategic places. You can prepare beautiful and cheap centerpieces by placing a transparent bowl with a candle or tissue paper strips inside.

Or, better yet, you can put a bowl with personalized baby shower candy bars inside the container for each guest to then take as their party favor for the shower as well. That way, you can take care of both the centerpieces and the baby shower favors with the same items.

Decorate a chair or rocking chair with balloons, ribbons, cushions, embroidered cloth, etc., for the happy mom to sit down when she opens the presents.

5. Invitations: How about you try to design your own? Do not be alarmed by the fact that you are not an expert in crafts, since today many tools can make you seem an expert in the subject. On your computer and the internet, there are beautiful formats, or if you want them to be more personalized, you can do them by hand.

You also have the option of sending purely digital invitations, such as those you can send through sites such as Evite.

6. You can create a playlist with your favorite songs and prepare some games for all the guests to participate in. The games are an essential part of the baby shower, show your imagination with games that entertain the guests, and make them have an unforgettable time.

7. The gifts for the guests: They can be simple details, things you can do yourself at homes such as decorated cookies, soaps, or small jars with homemade jam. Wrapped chocolate-dipped strawberries or covered chocolate dipped pretzels would make an excellent snack for people to take home with them. Or, as discussed above, you can give them each a personalized candy bar to take home with them.

8. Cakes: You can make the cake yourself or enlist a family member or friend who likes to bake to make it for you. It does not have to be anything spectacular. Your guests will only care that it tastes good.

You can also opt for the classic and always faithful cupcakes that are very practical and easy to decorate with delicious buttercream. Surely among your family or friends, there is someone very good at baking and will be happy to help you with this.

If you or someone who is helping you is good at baking cakes, the cake can be an active part of the decorations and simulate a bottle, a pacifier, a diaper, etc.

9. Decide who will take the photos: without a doubt, the pictures and the video are two essential elements to have a beautiful memory of the party. But if you are busy tending to all the details of the shower itself, you will most likely not remember to capture all of the special moments of the celebration. Therefore, it is a good idea to ask a friend to do it for you.

The main point of a baby shower is that, is to gather your family and friends to celebrate the mom-to-be and the dad-to-be and to make sure they have all of the supplies they will need for their new bundle of joy.

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