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Making a Sweet Sixteen Even Sweeter: 7 Candy Gift Ideas

Posted by The Candy Bar Wrapper on

You don't have to turn sixteen years old to have sweets for your birthday. The older you get, the more sweets you need to lessen the painful realities of aging.

Sweet 16 is certainly a sweet birthday--even without the sweets. At the age of sixteen, you can legally drive in the U.S. You might even get a new car--or a sweet ride--for your sixteenth birthday.

But chances are, you'll have plenty of other birthdays to celebrate besides a 16th birthday.

If you're looking for some sweet inspiration for celebrating your birthday and the birthdays of others, we can help. Get inspired by these six candy gift ideas to help sweeten any birthday for anyone.

1. A Candy Bouquet

What says "Happy Birthday" better than flowers? A bouquet of candy says it much better.

This is a wonderful DIY candy gift for the sweets lover in your life.

To make the bouquet, start with some floral foam from your favorite craft store. Using a hot glue gun, attach three movie theater sized boxes of candy to the floral foam. This becomes your "vase."

Add tissue paper to the top of your new candy vase. Using your glue gun again, fasten different types of candy to the end of several wooden skewers. These become your "flowers."

After the glue is dry on your candy flowers, insert the opposite end of the skewers into the foam base. This becomes your bouquet.

Tie a bow around it, and you're done!

2. Personalized Candies

These days, you can print a message on just about anything. This includes candy.

From M&Ms to Sweet 16 Candy Wrappers, create a personal message for your friend or loved one. Give them sweets with your sweet message.

When it comes to candies, choose a short message that prints on individual pieces. Allow plenty of time for your order to print and ship. You don't want to miss the big day without the personalized candies.

For candy wrappers, personalize the wrapper with a message and a photo of the birthday person. These kinds of wrappers fit candy bars for a fun party gift.

3. Candy and Football

Does your son, boyfriend, father, or husband love football? If their birthday party comes with a football theme, we've got the perfect candy gift idea for the occasion.

For this gift, you'll need a few cheap, round flower pots. Paint a few pots green (like grass) and a few pots deep brown (like a football).

Add white stripes to the green pots to make yard lines. Add white stripes to the "football" pots for laces.

Remember those wooden skewers from the candy bouquet above? Use skewers as flower "stems" again. Glue his favorite candy bars to one end of the skewers.

Insert the other end of the skewers in floral foam inside the flower pots. When finished, you'll have football candy bouquets perfect for any football-themed birthday party.

4. Lollipop Tree

There's really no end to what you can do with a bit of floral foam and a flower pot.

Do you have a friend or loved one obsessed with lollipops? Build them a lollipop tree.

Find a brightly-colored flower pot. Grab a hunk of your favorite floral foam and place it in the pot.

Buy his or her favorite lollipops. It helps if they are all the same brand. Dum-Dums or Tootsie Roll Pops work well.

Insert the stems of the lollipops into the foam until the foam is full of lollipops. The result should resemble a tree or bush made of lollipops.

5. Candy Bar Cake

Do you have a special someone who isn't a fan of birthday cake? That's ok. We can help.

Create a cake-like structure made by stacking candy bars.

Choose your special someone's favorite candy bar for the full cake. Or alternate several types of candy bars throughout the structure. Each layer will work best with the same type of candy bar per layer.

Select a circular piece of floral foam or styrofoam for each layer of the "cake." The circular form should be flat on the top and bottom. They should also be as tall as the length of your candy bars when standing on end.

Grab that hot glue gun again. Glue candy bars around your bottom layer of the cake.

Add another foam layer on top. This layer should be slightly smaller than the bottom layer in diameter. Glue another round of candy bars around that layer.

Add a third layer to the top if you prefer. Top off with Hershey's Kisses and watch your friend's delight at their birthday cake that isn't made of cake.

6. Birthday Candy Gram

Sometimes you just can't find the words to wish someone a Happy Birthday. Let candy do it for you.

A birthday Candy Gram requires an assortment of candies and candy bars with names you can use as words in sentences.

Find a piece of cardboard or posterboard. As you write your message on the board, glue the candy in the sentences where they make sense.

For instance, "Happy Birthday, Billy. From your three Musketeer co-workers."

The word "Musketeer" is a 3 Musketeers candy bar glued to the posterboard.

Continue your candy message until you run out of things to say, or you run out of candy bars with names that are usable words.

Your friend or loved one will enjoy your message. They'll also appreciate the thoughtful sweets.

Celebrate Birthdays with These Candy Gift Ideas

These candy gift ideas make any birthday a bit sweeter.

Whether you're creating a bouquet or a candy bar cake, your time and creativity make these gifts extra special.

When it comes to candy bar wrappers, The Candy Bar Wrapper offers a variety of wrappers for any birthday. We guarantee low prices and ship orders quickly so your wrappers arrive in time for the birthday celebration.

Order only the wrappers to wrap your birthday person's favorite candy bars yourself. Or choose the wrapper along with the fully-wrapped candy bar.

Have questions? Contact us today! 

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